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¡Perdito! Or; ¿GPS? We don' need no steenkeeng GPS

I actually planned to get lost on this trip, and unlike most plans, this one worked exceptionally well. I know a bit about planning, planning was one of the things I used to have to do for earning my daily crust. One thing I learned is that the more planning you do, the more likely your plan will fail. This appears so obvious now I write it down, but somehow it has totally escaped the notice of Mrs. Gant, Mr. Critical-Path and everybody's favorite, Ms. Microsoft Project. I determined that for this trip I was not going to repeat that failure prone exercise of having a detailed plan. I had goals and objectives. One needs to have goals and objectives before one can plan.  The good thing about goals and objectives, unlike planning, it is possible to come up with goals and objectives in a few minutes, freeing the rest of the afternoon for other things, like beverages. My goal was to have a good time, my objectives, to ride my motorcycle through the entire (Canadian) wint