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Been a while

I see it has been a year since my last post.  No big bike trips.  Putting the KTM back together took the rest of the summer of 2010, and finally got it finished in the fall.  I had the engine completely apart and checked everything.  It was surprisingly clean inside considering that it had ground away most of the intake cam follower.  It has two oil filters, which must have cleaned up most of the filings.  However after putting it together and doing some local rides this past summer (2011) it started to make some really nasty noises that sound like the crankshaft-connecting rod.  So I parked it and will be taking the motor apart again this winter.  I did a big road trip in my car instead, going through the US to Ontario to see family and friends and taking in the big Antique Motorcycle Club of America rally in Davenport Iowa on the way back.  More on that in another post. One of the things I resolved to do was to clear out my garage of surplus motorcycles.  Having a big garage is l