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Keeping a low profile

(thanks wingnuts ) I recently read a great story on the internet by this retired guy who was riding in Mexico with a group of riders , who narrowly avoided 'un robo' when gun toting bandits  ambushed them all when they left town.    I was never got robbed during my six months on the road aside from having a few things taken from my room when I stupidly left it unlocked.   Horror stories make interesting tales to tell after you are safe at home, whereas my story was more boring, but boring is probably better when you are actually on the road for six months. I might just have been luckier, but I intentionally took precautions to keep me out of this kind of trouble. I mostly avoided tourist destinations or districts. I took Spanish lessons, and carried dictionaries and some MP3 recorded common phrases that would be useful to me. I chose a motorcycle and gear that I thought was going to be similar to what the local motorcyclists would have. And I travelled alone.