Bad Planning!

As I write this the temperature is -14 C,  great weather to start on a bike trip.  Originally I was supposed to be gone in the fall, running from winter and returning in time for summer in Edmonton.   One delay led to another, and I finally decided that if I was going to leave around Christmas, I might as well stay for the holiday...  One of the delays will be a Hawaii cruise leaving San Diego on the 21st of January with my 85 year old mother, my brother and his wife.

Obviously I won't be leaving Edmonton on two wheels.  The bike and I will travel by a disposable booster  rocket-van to somewhere I am able to ride.

The booster van will fall back into Canada piloted by my Nephew Adrian who needs to move his stuff from BC to Ontario.  

The bike pod, is a combination loading ramp and skid that will hold it with its front wheel removed as the bike is too tall to go in the van.  The last month I have been preparing everything, bike checked, maintenance done, oil spark plugs, filters, lubed everything, van checked, rider checked, vaccinated, papers in order.

I have no idea what I will encounter, how I will go, or what I will do when I get there.  The local health authority has given me shots and advice, the auto club has supplied me with health insurance and an international drivers license.  The internet has provided me with lots of advice.  South or Bust!

The ultimate goal is to reach the tip of South America, Tierra Del Fuego, which if do make it, I probably won't reach around the time that winter arrives in the southern hemisphere. Bad Planning!

I will be maintaining this blog on my trip, posting pictures and reports, so keep checking, I will endeavor to post weekly, given internet availability.


  1. Good Luck and keep in touch... Ken

  2. Well written, Erik. Make sure you take some pictures of Adrian too!
    His Loving parents.
    Keep writing!


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