Cities are Evil! Email update

Just a short note from Mexico City. I am locked up in a sex motel.
The bike is in a garage below me, the only way in or out is through
the garage door, using the garage door switch. No key! They ain't
gonna give me one. Very nice inside though, I could leave and
probably will, but I can't lock up.

No internet, but I am connected to some poor fool's wireless.

How did I end up in this fix you ask? I just spent about 4 hours in
Mexico City traffic (I probably could have walked faster) looking for
a hotel. This is the first one I saw. and I ain't going any farther.
Tomorrow first thing I will leave MC and head for Cuernavaca. Mexico
City is very beautiful, very modern and very congested. Don't even
think of driving here unless you know your way around. The layout is
radial, so every place you go takes you away. Somehow I stumbled
onto the road to Cuernavaca, which was my next destination anyway, so
here I will stay.

More later.

Erik S


  1. Well dad, I'll give you some good news to brighten your day. I resisted the urge to buy a Suzuki RG500 Gamma today.


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