Mulege is in Baja California Sur (BCS), or South Baja California.  It is where Mexico's valiant defenders were able to repel the advance of the imperialist Yanqui invaders in 1847, ensuring that Baja remained part of Mexico as opposed to being the California Panhandle.

The Santa Rosalia Mission was founded in 1705, the building dates to 1766. 

The industries are tourism, fishing and taking tourists fishing.

The town is built on lava rocks that slope toward a bay, the streets are narrow and follow the  contours of the rocks.  I have to watch my step walking while rubbernecking as even the sidewalks dip and rise.

A hurricane ripped through here last September.  It made quite a mess of much of the beach front property.  The town itself seems to have escaped.

I am staying over for a day because it is nice here, and it is time for a break.  Lots of Canadians and Usians are wintering here. 


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