Uruguay blows me away

If you are 'a man (or woman) of wealth and taste' do not go to Uruguay, because if you do you will never want to leave.  If I had to describe the Uruguay I have seen so far with only one word, it would be 'manicured'.  The cities and towns look like what would be wealthy suburbs in North America, and the countryside looks like a well groomed park.

I am on the east coast, which is a major resort area for the rest of Latin America and Europe.  Apparently the only Canadians who frequent Uruguay are Quebecois.  "Non, je ne parle mucho Francais either, gracias very much."  As it is the beginning of what passes for winter in a place where palm trees grow outside, the resorts are pretty quiet, which is nice for me, as I pretty much have the place to myself.

Atlantida looks like it fell out of a "Leave it to Beaver" episode, the architecture appears to have involved actual Architects, who seem to nearly outnumber Lawyers and Doctors.  The house style is kind of 60's Frank Lloyd Wright-ish.
This style is familiar to my North American eyes, houses with exterior 'features' set back on mowed lawns without walls for a fence.  They even burn their autumn leaves in front of the house, a flashback to my youth for this 60 year old man.

Further 'Este' is Punta Del Este and it's famous Bikini Beach.  It is a bit chilly for bikinis at the moment. This is my first view of Oceano Atlantico.   Here, I am in time zone GMT -3, or three time zones from Europe, and four from Edmonton.  The tourists are mostly Euros.  Here is a euro traveller's site you may want to check out, an amazing 'RV'.  I wanna see this one pull up in the local KOA, and watch all the 'class A's' be demoted.
Plenty of fancy yachts, big hotels, stores selling Rolexes and Mercedes her in Punta Del Este.  I am going to enjoy this sybaritic scene, because I am pretty sure I won't see the like again on my return trip. 

I went to this store, but all they had was ladies dresses.

Tomorrow I head inland and see what there is to see in the rest of Uruguay.  Uruguay is very small, I could have blown through it in half a day and been in Brazil, where they speak Portuguese and I don't.  Maybe I will stay here a bit longer, I don't speak Spanish much either, but at least I know how to ask where the bathrooms are.

More pictures posted here.


  1. Hey Erik. I looks like there could be worse places to spend a little extra time. Especially in a city with such a special ladies wear store.


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