Email update from Argentina

In case any one was wondering, I am fine and in Las Lomitas Argentina
waiting for the rain to stop. This is a *very* small (and wet) town,
but I have a dry place to stay, more later;


  1. Hey! How's Argentina? Do you like it?
    I'm planning a trip to SouthAmerica, and I was looking fot apartments for rent Buenos Aires.... do you know where I can get info about this?
    Hope you can help me!
    Have a great time there!

  2. I have left Argentina and am back home, so I can't help anymore, but I am thinking you would have no problems finding something to rent when you get there. You can also try the internet, but my advice is to go there and figure out what part of BA you want to stay. If it was me it would be in el centro, close to a Subte station.


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