California Here I Am!

We made sure that there was a gas station near when we dumped the bike out, as there was only a bit of gas in the tank.  A few miles down the road and 33 dollars later the KTM is gassed and ready to race (KTM joke).

I stop for a break in Cayucos and a couple of local high school kids fill me in on the local attractions.  'Go see the big rock in Morro Bay and stay in San Luis Obispo.'  

An interesting thing about the KTM is that most bike riders don't know what it is, and mostly don't care to know either, it clearly ain't a Harley or a supersport and at 625 cc is 'just a little bike', but every kid dirt biker loves it.  My new friends are dirt bikers and they think it is cool.  It appears I will have no problems relating to the youngest generation despite being a crusty old man :-)
"By thy long beard and glittering eye,
Now wherefore stopp'st thou me ?"

The boys have given me good advice.  Morro Rock has lots of visitors, sort of a Californian Ayers Rock, a spot of significance for many thousands of years.

San Luis Obispo has a Santa Rosa park, which is the name of the park behind my house in Edmonton.  This Santa Rosa is just about as close to my motel as well.  It gets really dark here and there are not many street lights, so it is hard to see what things look like.  It seems nice though, lots of small stucco bungalows, just like my neighborhood.

In the morning I follow the coast all the way to Long Beach, which takes me right through Los Angeles and just about every town the Beach Boys sang about.  And sure enough there are the surfers.

Venice Beach is another place I had heard about.  Lots of people strolling the beach, several volleyball games are always being played.

So far I am really impressed with Los Angeles and Southern California.  If the only way you learn about other places is through the news and TV, it can create a distorted perception.  LA is one of the most pleasant places I have visited, and by that I mean the people are friendly, the place is clean, and everywhere I go I feel safe and welcome.


  1. You dirty old man, taking pictures of sunbathing girls on the beach...keep em coming though, and none of that national geographic garbage, I want to see hot topless brazilian babes. Godspeed

  2. So where was the photo of Morro Rock? What's with all the bikinis? Let's have some National Geographic type photos please!


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