The Desert

Adrian was getting on a plane to Ontario as I was heading to Bakersfield, so he is safe and sound.  Adrian sold the van, so that is OK too. 

Bakersfield is cold, damp and foggy.  I head for Mojave (the town), thinking that it will be nicer there, thanks to internet weather forecasts. 

Bakersfield is in a flat as a pancake valley surrounded by farms and orchards, but it is too foggy to really see anything.  Leaving the valley, the road begins to climb and the fog gets even thicker.   Pretty soon I am going at a walking pace on a narrow, twisting road hoping there is no one else around because I can't see.  Just as the fog is thickest it starts to get brighter, a sign I am soon going to be above it all.  Sure enough a few more feet up and I am looking down on a cloud and up at a blue sky. 

A few miles farther I see all these windmills.  The road is fun once I can see.  Soon I am in the town of Mojave, surrounded by desert and hills, a perfect place to stay for a few days.


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