Short update; internet on this tub costs 75 cents minute, so
cheapskate me won't be doing a lot of posting.

Today (21st) was the worst day for weather yet. So bad they diverted
my mother, brother, and sister in law's plane to LA. The ship departs
in 2 hours, and they are not here, so this may be a solo voyage.

So now I have lost, in order, my drivers license, visa card, nephew,
mother, brother, and sister in law :-) They tell me that if they miss
the boat today they can join the cruise in Hawaii, which basically
means they will miss 5 days of open ocean with nothing to look at but
horizon, water water everywhere, etc. etc..

My DL and visa did arrive at my brothers, so no worries there, and I
won't be needing them for the next 15 days anyway.

Bon Voyage, see you all in February!

Erik S


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