Mojave California

I decide to become a resident of Mohave for the next three days.  The Desert Inn has no stars, but it is economical, and it suits me.   Mohave's claim to fame is that it is a spaceport.  I never been to a spaceport before.

Mohave airport, er spaceport, is where spaceship one was launched.  Space ship one,  for those who have forgotten, won the X prize in 2004, for being the first successful private enterprise space craft.  See the details on Wikipedia,
There is also this weird rocket nose thing beside it, 'rotary rocket' a less successful wannabe spaceship,

A (defunct)  KTM shop, a victim of rerouting the highway around town.

And desert, lots of desert.

Edwards air force base is a few miles down the road.  I try to get on, but no dice, there is a tour for Friday, but it is all booked.  At the entrance to Edwards is a neat old B52 that was used to carry experimental aircraft up in the air.


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