North West Pacific Coast

Adrian and I left Vancouver in the rain, and it rained all day.  The customs people (Homeland Security) were interested enough in our story that they wanted to hear more details, so we were invited inside for a visit and a chat.  That went well, but it took about an hour before we were on our way. 

We followed the interstate to Seattle, looked around a bit, then we found the Pacific Coast Highway.  Day one was too rainy too see much and the curves were scared the pants off the Dodge van who was only used to straight prairie roads.  Somewhere along the way the van was christened "Snowball", after the pig in George Orwell's Animal Farm.  If I can only find a curly tail to paste on the rear.

We made it through Washington and stopped in Oregon for the night.  The next day started rainy but it did clear up a bit later.  We got some great pictures.


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