Separation is go

We bunk down in Bodega Bay, it was too dark to see, and it looked like the next town was a long ways down.  The room was nice, with a price to match, but this was place was dead, D.E.D dead!  Saturday night, and the sidewalks were rolled up.  Literally.  One restaurant open, a high end sea food joint.  I hate sea food.  I had the veggie burger (garden burger).  Adrian said the snapper was great. Bully.

We were out of there at 6:30 AM.  A few hours later we were driving over the golden gate bridge.  We took the downtown exit for San Francisco and drove through.  We decided that SF was just another big city.  I told Adrian that SF was Super Vancouver, and he got it right away.  A few more hours on the number one and we decant the bike in a roadside campground.  Adrian will head for the Grand Canyon via Las Vegas, and then to visit relatives in South Carolina.  I continue to head south, bidding a not so fond farewell to snowball, may I never see it again. 


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