Killin time

The last few days I have been hanging out in San Diego, waiting for the other family members and cruise ship.  I got here about the same time as a massive rain storm that is raising havoc all over Southern California. 

There are many attractions within walking distance, so the KTM is getting a rest, and a wash as it turns out.  It is expected that the rain that will fall this week will be the equivalent of a year's worth of rain for San Diego.  They have been in a four year drought, so the rain is welcome.  Welcome it may be, but it is also wet, very wet.  I got soaked yesterday walking home, and right now it is hosing down again.

Yesterday evening I got together with 'CW' a fellow subscriber to the oldscoolcz yahoo group dedicated to CZ motocrossers.  We had beers and burgers at Whiskeygirl (yes, she was cute).   We had a pleasant visit, another example of how connected we can be through internet and mutual interests.   People have been doing this for as long as there was some form or mail or message delivery of course,  but never on the scale it is ocurring now. 

Soon I will be boarding SS (CS?) Zaandam for a 15 day side trip to Hawaii.  I am not sure whether I will  be able to post to the blog for the duration.  The cruise ends on February 5th, and I will be back on the bike, in Mexico.

Meanwhile, check out some photos I took in San Diego;

SD is a wonderful place to get away from winter, lots to see and do, apparently it is equally pleasant in summer (not too hot). 

Back in February, unless I can post from the ship without breaking the bank.


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