36 Horas en Peru (mas o minus)

Whenever I cross a border it is like entering an entirely different country, this would be because I am entering an entirely different country.  The effect is often a shock to the senses, but rarely so much as entering Peru from Ecuador.  I have posted 138 pictures on Picasa taken in the last 36 hours.  I think the pictures speak better than my words so here goes, off to Picasa.  (I promise I won't it again)

Someone was asking if I was taking lots of pictures, a friend wanted to know what the women were like in South America.  The answer to the first is, yes, when I am not riding I am snapping.  The answer to the last, all's I can say is that the ladies of Peru are easy on the eyes. 

I have also been accused of not taking 'people pictures'.  People react in various ways (mostly bad) when they know their picture is being taken, so I have started to hang the camera around my neck and and just push the button while I am strolling through a place.  This is why so many are cockeyed. 


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