Stranger in a Strange Land

South America is a totally different continent, by that I mean everything, and I do mean everything, is different.  Plants, landscapes, animals, cities, everything.  Just one example, there are no dandelions, at least I have not seen any, and I have been looking.  I can't find what I need (eg hotels) in the cities.  It is very disorienting.  Mexico and Central America were similar enough to what I was used to for me to figure things out, but here I really am a stranger in a strange land.

Colombia is the only country (so far) since leaving  the USA where I felt, 'I could live here'.  Unimaginably beautiful, pleasant climate (Think Calgary in the summer), everything works, friendly people.  I am reserving judgment on Ecuador until I have seen more, but the verdict so far is equally beautiful, unimaginably cheap (gas $1.40 a gallon), but seriously effed up. 

I have  posted a selection of pictures from Columbia on Picasa, they are pretty poor compared to the real thing More on Ecuador later.


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