The many faces of Peru

This is Lima

So is this

This was my hotel in Lima.  Looks not too bad right?  Inside though, there are jails with less security.  You get in by knocking on a door, which is unlocked electronically if you are allowed in.  You can`t get in or out unless the invisible man with the button lets you.  Nevertheless, with all this security, somebody got into my room and pilfered my cell phone, and all my USB and SD cards with photos on them.  Fortunately I have already mailed my backups to Alberta, so I only lost a few hundred Peru pictures, and my cell phone which did not work woth a tinkers damn anyway.  Did I mention that Bell Canada sucks? It does, just like all the other cell phone companies.  If ever there is an industry crying out for regulation, this is it.  Anyway no biggee, life goes on.  If this is the worst thing that happens than I will have been lucky.

Southward Ho.  This part of Peru, the coast,  looksmostly  like a giant kitty litter spill 100s and 100s of kilometers.

The west coast is extremely dry,   this is a Sahara style desert, the only thing that grows are sand dunes.  There is agriculture only where there are rivers coming down from the mountains, otherwise it all looks just like the picture on the right.  In places dunes that may drift across the road like snow drifts.

I could not resist leaving a bit of Canada behind.

If you like sandy beaches, you will love Peru, the beach must be about 50 kilometers wide.  Today I am in Paracas, a resort town with luxury hotels where they only take dollars and gringos for guests.  I am not a guest here, my hotel landlady promised me internet, but hers did not work, so she got me into this place to use their PC, the best internet connection I have had since starting this trip. :-)


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