¡You can´t get lost if you don´t know where you are going!

Make sure you click on the picture above and make it full size.  Then look up, look way up.

Ecuador improves markedly once past Tulcan and having quit Quito.  Riobamba and Cuenca are way nicer.  I stopped over in Riobamba on my way to Cuenca where there is a KTM dealer.  The bike is way overdue for an oil change and assorted maintenance tasks. 

Leaving Riobamba I just headed south instead of seeking out the Pan American Highway, and ended up in some amazing places, and as a bonus I got to Cuenca as well.  I also got full use of the off road capabilities of the KTM :-)  All in all it has been a great ride, every day I can´t imagine that it can get any better, but somehow everyday it does. 
More on picasa, https://photos.app.goo.gl/yNBKvvykxN8BoJPa8


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