I have been to a lot of cities, but few are as visually exciting as Panama City.  Words fail me, my photography skills fail me.  But that never stopped me before, so I have posted photos on Picasa .  Most of the buildings in the photo above are still under construction.  When they are finished PC will be magnificent.  It already is.  You heard it here first :-)

 The bike will be shipped to Bogota on Viernes (Friday), provided I get it to Girag shipping at Tocumen Air Carga by 4 PM today (that would be Jueves , Marzo 11). 

On the way back from seeing Girag at Tocumen I rode through through the city.  Taking my lead from the pizza bikes (actually they led I followed), I had a blast splitting lanes, passing on the right, left, and at right angles, threading my way through the traffic jams.  On the other side of the city is El Canal.  A Holland America ship, Maasdam was making it's way through the last set of locks as I got there.  Besides me  and a whole lot of other gawkers, there was about an 8 foot crocodile supervising the procedure.  The croc only surfaced briefly from time time so I was not able to get a picture.  Don't swim in the Panama canal.

Panama has been hot every day I have been there, 35 every day.  I love it.  From minus 35 in December to plus 35 in March.

I have to mention the buses.  Every one is customized, some are absolutely wild.  Some (many) run open pipes. They can make custom bikes hang their headlights in shame.  Tomorrow I will try to sum up the courage to ride one back from Tocumen after dropping of El Moto. It may be the most exciting part of the trip.


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