The bike is on its way to to Bogota and so will  I be, on Friday the 12th (dodged THAT bullet).  It all went relatively smoothly, the only glitch was that the shipper (Girag) wanted cash (and only cash) up front (901.36 bux), which I was unable to manage due to bank machine limitations on cash withdrawals and me not knowing.  They relented, and I can now pay in Columbia when I pick it up.  Meantime I have to walk around with 45 Andy Jacksons in my jeans.

The bus ride was somewhat anticlimactic.  A custom painted school bus is still a school bus, a cool school bus, but a school bus.  It seems that everybody rides free.  The driver tried to tell this but I did not understand, so he took a quarter.  Some other people paid a quarter as well.  The really colourful buses also have moneytakers, so the bus I was on must of been public transit, and the others private.

It was fun watching the driver maneuver his way through traffic like a battleship sailing through a fleet of row boats. 

More buses on Picasa;

A final note on Panama City, while shopping is not my sport, I am thinking that any visitor who arrives here with empty suitcases will get some excellent deals on stuff from everywhere.  


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